A smile is the universal language that connects you with almost everyone. At Q&M Dental Group, the largest private dental healthcare group in Singapore with over 70 clinics, we want to make sure your smile is at its absolute best, and allows you to move with confidence.
Having a healthy, beautiful smile is a life-long investment. If your teeth are irregular, do not bite right and you feel conscious about it, braces can help. We hope to be part of your journey en route to a beautiful, confident smile!
Book a consultation with our specialist in orthodontics (braces) or dentists who have undergone extensive postgraduate training in orthodontics. We have a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for all ages including children and adults. Our dental team will be there for you to walk you through your treatment goals step by step.



Removable appliances are usually used for growth modification (Phase 1) and mild irregularities.
Clear aligners are available for correction of mild to moderate malocclusion and post-treatment relapse. Unlike conventional braces, these aligners can be removed when you eat or drink and during your daily routine brushing and flossing. For instance, Invisalign® is one of the clear aligners available in the market.
Invisalign® consists of a series of custom-made removable aligners. Each aligner is individually made using 3-D computer technology. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, moving your teeth gradually week by week, until you have achieved the planned optimum result.


Conventional braces usually consist of stainless steel small brackets cemented to your teeth, connected by a wire. Depending on the type of braces, the wire can be held to the tooth using a clip that is built into the bracket (self-ligating braces), or by a series of a tiny rubber bands called ligatures.
Instead of flashing metal, colours may be added to make your braces more attractive and they can be changed during your monthly adjustment visits. You also have the option of having 'invisible' (ceramic) or lingual (behind the teeth) braces.