08th September 2022

Dentist with female patient

Arranging your pearly whites isn't as simple as tidying your closet. About one in five adults are orthodontic patients, so chances are your teeth require some help to get in line, be it for health, convenience, or even just to have a smile like Tom Cruise (fun fact: he had braces to get his signature smile).


Everyone's pretty much familiar with braces at this point. Whether it's someone you know or that stereotypical image of a nerd from cartoons and TV series, braces are there to help fix many problems associated with teeth misalignment and other issues. Lately, there's been a more recent alternative that could fulfill most (not all) of what braces are meant to do—clear aligners.

As seen in the hand of the dentist pictured above, clear aligners are transparent and made of plastic. Made by taking 3D molds of each patients' teeth, they're designed to be removable and are generally more convenient and comfortable to wear than braces.


As the name implies, clear aligners are meant to be discreet. If you're working in hospitality or are someone who faces a lot of clients or customers on a daily basis, they’re definitely the more attractive option with that in mind. Similarly, for models, actors, or up and coming social media influencers, having clear aligners instead of braces can definitely help net you that gig or sponsorship while still receiving the necessary orthodontic treatment.

Even if work or occupation isn't a concern, if you're someone who's active in sports, clear aligners are also the more attractive option instead of braces, given how they're generally more comfortable. In some sports where you need to wear a mouth guard, removing the aligners for the duration of the match is an option.

Regardless of what you do, sometimes, we just don't like the social stigma of having braces. For that reason alone, clear aligners are definitely worth looking into.


Most clear aligners need to be worn for at least 22 hours each day and are usually removed when brushing your teeth or having meals. You'll still be wearing them while sleeping and basically doing everything else, but at least you don’t need to change your diet just like braces!

Also, you won't be using the same set of aligners during the entirety of the treatment. You'll still need to meet with your dentist frequently to check on your progress and to receive a new set of aligners. Depending on your treatment plan, you can expect to wear and regularly replace aligners anywhere from several months to several years.


While clear aligners can solve most of the problems that braces can, they are not the be-all and end-all of orthodontic treatments. In some cases like severe crowding or complex bite problems, braces are still the way to go.

Most importantly, check with your dentist on the solutions for your situation. At the end of the day, everyone's teeth are different, so while clear aligners look great and are great, be sure to schedule your appointment with your dentist and decide on the treatment plan that best suits you!

Disclaimer : All information provided is based on best practices and knowledge. There is no guarantee in any of the statement as provided.

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