17th February 2022

Dental Problems Related To The Pandemic

During this pandemic, people are clenching more, grinding more and cracking more teeth. Even bite guards are fracturing. There has been more stress-related oral health conditions during this period.

Stress as we know it can bring to a myriad of problems. When it comes to your overall oral health, it causes conditions such as jaw grinding or clenching, chipped teeth, cracked teeth and joint dysfunction. Most of us are not even aware they are grinding their teeth if it's happening at night while they are asleep. When asked, they disclosed stress about losing jobs, juggling kids at home and others.


Early signs of stress may involve pain to the neck, shoulder and back. Others may also experience headaches or ringing in their ears, all of these symptoms can be rooted in clenching and grinding that if left untreated, can create prominent jaw discomfort.

Due to the pandemic which has created a heightened level of stress, people tend to take the increased stressors out on their teeth. This creates a psychosocial habit of grinding and clenching teeth.


Everyone should maintain their routine appointments, and parents should ensure their children keep brushing as well. If you notice fractured or chipped teeth, or neck pain and headaches, inform your dentist. At Q & M, our specialists will provide the necessary advise accordingly.

It is important that we do not put off basic care appointments as many health issues can be flagged first in the mouth.


One positive change during this pandemic is that many of us are more aware of their breath after breathing with a mask right on their face and focusing on exhaled breath. Bad breath can be an early indicator of things such as diet changes - a diet low in fruits and greens can create bad breath or other underlying health problems such as diabetes, which can also contribute to the deterioration of your overall oral health.


Personal initiatives that involves lowering your stressors will also assist in the problem. Anything from relaxing muscles to meditating before bedtime is a good idea.

It is important to remind ourselves to brush our teeth regularly and as an extra effort during this pandemic, to reduce your stress by keeping a positive lifestyle and mindset.

Disclaimer : All information provided is based on best practices and knowledge. There is no guarantee in any of the statement as provided.

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