11th November 2020
It's another season of songs, joy & laughter and despite having a challenging year with social distancing as a norm, we are all still celebrating our festivities with happiness and optimism. And just like any other year, Christmas has always been a time that we share our stories, sing our songs, dine our food and let loose on our drinks.

All in all, it involves your great smile projecting to all your family and friends, be it close or virtually apart. A beautiful smile with great looking teeth does not just boost your own confidence but also brightens the people around you.

Beware of Your Treats

It's easy to get lost in the moments of joy when we smile with our teeth shown while we enjoy the great variety of food and drinks. The fact is, no one is immune to teeth stains. It’s a gradual problem that sneaks up on you year after year, and you may not even realize it until you come across an older photograph of you celebrating these moments with your close ones and notice how much brighter your smile used to be.

You may have known a friend whose teeth turn purple when they’re drinking red wine, but actually red wine (like coffee and tea) stains everyone's teeth in the long term. And if you think white wine is a good alternative, think again because white wine is more acidic than red and erodes your tooth enamel. Sweet treats such as Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and the ubiquitous mince pies abound, but they're a dental nightmare. Beyond the high sugar content, they contain dried fruits that stick to teeth and can cause problems if not rinsed properly, particularly if you’re grazing on them throughout the holidays. And now lets talk about popcorns as they are popular party treat, popcorn is responsible for a rise in emergency dental visits, due to chipped and/or cracked teeth and crowns. The husks of the kernels get lodged between teeth or under the gum line, potentially loosening crowns and leading to tooth decay, inflammation or even abscesses. Un-popped kernels, lurking at the bottom of the bowl, are especially dangerous, as they're very hard to chew and can crack teeth.

Have a Jolly Smile & Great Looking Teeth With Q & M Teeth Services!

The best way before any gatherings is with a good teeth cleaning. Our hygienist will help you blast your plaque, tartar and stains off your teeth with a fine and surprisingly gentle stream of air and water. Not only do we clean your teeth better than a regular scale and polish, it also leaves them whiter and less sensitive. This helps shore them up against any damage the festivities might fling at them.

Also, With just one visit to your Q & M dentist, your smile will be dramatically whiter after only a short sit in the chair. The best part is that we offer Whitening advise and solutions so you can take home for an endless radiant smile!

Another quick and easy way to makeover your smile in time for the festive season is with veneers. Like false fingernails for your teeth, veneers cover a multitude of minor imperfections, such as cracks, stains, gaps and misalignment. And the best news is that, with care, they can last for years to come!
Visit our page at Services to know more on how you can schedule a visit with us. Protect your teeth and keep a good looking smile.