22nd May 2021

dentist explaining on gum disease

Gum disease is a common but preventable gum infection that caused by poor oral hygiene. Gum disease forms when plaque form upon the teeth and harden. When left untreated, it can cause damage the bone that support teeth and even tooth loss. There are many stages of gum diseases that could be identified and treated by a dentist.


Gum disease can occur without any symptoms. However, some symptoms can be identified including:

Gum bleeding when brushing teeth, this is a sign of gum disease as it commonly start with inflammation along the gum line.

Receding gum, the recession is the process where part of the gum tissue pulls back, exposing more of the tooth. When this happen, it forms “pockets” between the teeth and gum line, leaving it easier for bacteria to accumulate. If left untreated, the supporting tissue and bone of the teeth can be damaged, resulting in tooth loss.

Teeth sensitive, when gum recedes, dentin will be exposed, which is the sensitive part of the tooth, this exposure causes sensitive teeth when it comes in contact with cold water or air.

Bad breath that remains after brushing teeth. The foul smell is created when bacteria releases toxins in the mouth, it can also irritate the gums and the teeth.


In early stages of gum disease also termed gingivitis, the plaque forms in the areas between the teeth, the gum may inflamed and bleed easily during tooth brushing. However if it left untreated, it will develop into a more severe stage of gum disease called periodontitis. When this develops, gums begin to recede and it would cause changes in the bite and pain while chewing or biting. As the disease continue to proceed, the gum tissue and bone are destroyed, resulting the teeth to become loose and ultimately tooth loss.

The Author

Dr. Kang Eng Hong, BDS (AIMST) is a general dentist with a special interest in orthodontics and restorative dentistry. He believes in the preservation of natural tooth structure through restorative or preventative treatment than aggressive invasive procedures. He is both highly trained and experienced in performing restorative treatments and complex procedures such as minor oral surgery and root canal treatment. He currently practices in Q & M Dental (Seri Kembangan).

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