22th August 2020
Malaysia celebrate two very special days to commemorate the past that unites our multi racial citizens together. Merdeka which is celebrated on the 31st of August every year marks the country's independence. As for Malaysia Day which is held on the 16th of September every year saw the union of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore into a single state.

The National Days in Malaysia is always celebrated with joyous events, from public gatherings, countdowns, bazaars, and many others. For most, we choose to stay close with families and friends and enjoy great Malaysian food such as the famous nasi lemak!

If there were a time of year that calls for a bright, confident smile, it’s definitely the National Days in Malaysia.

Feel Free to Smile During the National Days

It's easy to get lost in the moments of joy when we smile with our teeth shown while we enjoy the great variety of food and drinks. The fact is, no one is immune to teeth stains. It’s a gradual problem that sneaks up on you year after year, and you may not even realize it until you come across an older photograph of you celebrating these moments with your close ones and notice how much brighter your smile used to be.

From your nasi lemak, kopi 'o', ikan bakar sambal belacan to health issues and prescription medications, and even simply your age, eventually your pearly whites can turn dull, dingy, or discolored.

Look Fabulous for your photos this coming National Days with Teeth Whitening!

It is not easy to find a solution to whiter teeth that truly works. Not only are all those DIY products inferior to our professional solutions at Q & M, but you’re also putting your teeth and gums at risk for irritation, increased sensitivity, and even damage because there’s no way to ensure safe application. Strips and trays won’t fit your mouth specifically unless they’re custom-made by the dentist, which means any bleaching product from a store can ooze onto your gums. Even in weak concentrations, it’s too risky for your dental health!

With just one visit to your Q & M dentist, your smile will be dramatically whiter after only a short sit in the chair. The best part is that we offer Whitening advise and solutions so you can take home for an endless radiant smile!
Visit our page at Teeth Whitening to know more on how you can schedule a visit with us. Start making your every smile radiant.