The Highly Anticipated Raya Month is Coming! Learn How to Maintain Your Oral Health During this Hari Raya Puasa Festive Season

The Highly Anticipated Raya Month is Coming! Learn How to Maintain Your Oral Health During this Hari Raya Puasa Festive Season

18th March 2023
The highly anticipated Raya month is just around the corner! Hari Raya Puasa is a celebration that marks the end of the fasting month, Ramadan, and it is an important festival celebrated by the Muslims. It is a time of forgiveness and strengthening bonds among family and friends. Because of its significance, the first few days of the festival are usually celebrated on a grand scale, which means a lot of visiting and feasting. In many homes, there will be constant snacking on the lavish spread of food and beverages.


Yummy beef rendang! Should I or should I not?
Many of Hari Raya's festive goodies, such as beef rendang (a spicy dish like a sweet dry curry), pineapple tarts, ketupats (rice cakes wrapped in palm leaves), kuehs (bite-sized desserts), and soft candies, are of high sugar content and stickiness. The high sugar content of these foods and drinks is one of the main causes of plaque and caries if the teeth are not cleaned thoroughly after consumption. They are also usually sticky, which means they tend to get trapped between teeth and will take a relatively longer time for the saliva to break them down. You might be saying, "They are so irresistible; how can anyone possibly resist having them!?". Keep reading to learn how you can enjoy them while maintaining your oral health.


There are a number of ways that you can maintain your oral health, here are some tips that you can follow;
  • Brush your teeth after each sugary treat. It is not entirely possible at all times, but at least rinse your mouth with water after each treat. A simple rinse goes a long way!
  • Reduce frequent snacking and avoid long-term consumption of sugary and/or carbonated beverages. Try snacking after each meal and having that soda with your meal instead. This is because sugary and/or carbonated drinks have a lower pH level, which can erode the enamel of the teeth. Teeth with weak enamel are more susceptible to caries. By letting your mouth rest, the saliva can readjust to a pH level within the acceptable range.
  • Drink water before you feel thirsty. By the time you feel thirsty, it is likely that you are dehydrated. Maintaining constant saliva flow by keeping your mouth hydrated (with water). A dehydrated mouth can affect the pH level in the mouth and, in the long run, promote tooth decay.
  • Do not bite on ice to reduce the risk of a cracked or broken tooth. Remember, ice is used for chilling, not chewing.
  • Reduce contact of your teeth with high-sugar carbonated drinks by using a straw.


If you are preparing the meals instead, you can remove excess oil in curry, sambal tumis, and goreng berlada dishes. Use heart-healthy fats such as canola oil, corn oil or sunflower oil to make kuih raya. Lastly, Reduce intake of salty foods such as chips (kerepek/keropok) and processed foods (asam, jeruk, sweets). Remember, moderation is key. Doing this will have a positive impact on your physical and dental health! Always remember to seek out your dentist should you come across an emergency involving your teeth. We at Q & M stand ready with our trained professionals to solve all your dental problems.
Low calorie, less oil, less fat and less coconut milk
Disclaimer : All information provided is based on best practices and knowledge. There is no guarantee in any of the statement as provided.