27th January 2021
Dentists had been suggesting that children should start a dental visit on early. By start visiting a dental at young age, it could help reduce the cost of oral health care and giving kids a welcoming dental experience in the future.

We understand that getting children delighted for a dental visit can be deemed challenging, rather they may feel anxious about visiting a dentist. Here are few things that as a parent can do to help them look excited for their dental visit.

Stay Calm

It's common for children to be nervous prior to their dental visit. As a parents, certain behavioural psychological technique can be used to ease their nervousness and making their dental experience less stressful.

Kids capture nonverbal signal well and they may panic over the interpretation, thus maintain calm and try to stay positive will help. It is important to prepare children on what is coming but avoid giving too much information and keep it simple. Dentist always go extra length to ensure children feel comfortable and could provide them with explanation and terms that are acceptable to the children age. In certain cases, children first dental visit may include tell-show-do on what would be done and the tools that involved.

Bring A Toy

Visiting a new environment especially a medical setting may scare the children, even if the attendant are welcoming.

Bring along your child's favourite item, it could be anything, be it a pillow, toy or their favourite book. Soft and comfortable items are helpful for young child that are afraid of their first visit. Let them hold it for their entire visit so they have more comfort and familiarity. These items will give them some familiarity element in a new foreign environment, which could help calm the children during their visit. A tiny bit of home could give your child feel more comfortable while they are at the treatment room.

Use Encouraging Language

Before making a visit with the dentist, ease your children anxiety by using positive cues, telling them how exciting that visiting a dentist office could be. Avoid uses words that comprises of fear factors, which could do the opposite and create greater anxiousness towards dentist. Tell them how much you enjoy getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist and appreciation to the dentist on cleaning your teeth will give them positive impression on visiting a dental clinics too.

Start Young

Why do toddler need to visit a dentist when they only have one or two teeth? Visiting a dentist in early age will gives them early exposure to the dental setting. Children will capture the visuals and sounds of a dentist office and quickly get used to these experiences. Even at this age, it is not too soon to check for tooth decay, ensure healthy gums and demonstrate the best technique for maintain good oral cleanliness.

Parents must keep in mind that they plays a major role for their children too. Kids naturally follows the parents footsteps so many things, both in good and bad ways. Thus, parents taking good care of their own oral hygiene will develop good oral habits in their children too. This includes routine brushing, flossing and limiting diets that could harm the teeth too. Establishing a health dental care routine at home is one of the best methods to overcome their fear of visiting a dentist.

Regular visit to a dentist should be part of everyone oral hygiene routine, that includes adults too. If you see your children gets comfortable on the chair, it bring so much satisfaction to yourself as a parents and it’s much easier for them to do it in the future too. Plus, this is good for everyone oral health too.
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